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YoAfrica Dedicated Internet

YoAfrica understands that as a business you require a guaranteed service, we provide you with an internet connection that guarantees throughput and up-time.

YoAfrica’s Dedicated Internet packages are delivered to you on multiple Fibre links which are configured by our expert engineers for automatic fail-over to guarantee you absolute up-time even in the event of any mishap on one of the physical links.

YoAfrica’s team of engineers will help you with your link set up to allow you to be operational within the shortest possible time.

YoAfrica is here to serve you and will provide you with monitoring for your links 24/7.

YoAfrica Value Proposition

YoAfrica listens to your requirements, recommends working solutions and delivers the solutions to you.

YoAfrica enables your business through dedicated IPT links, International Leased Circuits as well as local and international VPNs.

YoAfrica guarantees up-time and customises SLAs as per your requirements.

IT Management YoAfrica

In this connected environment, we need systems to be accessible at all times by internal and external customers.   Without a properly designed and optimised network, this would not be possible.

YoAfrica employs various industry tools for monitoring, reporting, IPT optimisation and security testing to optimise the layout of your network.

YoAfrica specialists are always up to date with the industry’s ever-changing trends and are available to share valuable knowledge with you.

YoAfrica is here to help you avoid loss of business due to slow and inaccessible networks.

YoAfrica Value Proposition

YoAfrica provides you with a scalable network capable of adapting to new industry trends as they evolve, keeping you ahead of your competition all the time.

YoAfrica works with leading international solution providers to provide you with the best in IT infrastructure and applications optimisation for the best performance and results.

YoAfrica’s network monitoring and optimisation tools will help us to identify any points of failure in your system, and we will recommend solutions that prevent recurrences.

YoAfrica ensures that your system is operating at optimum levels allowing you to derive full benefits from your IT investment.

VOIP YoAfrica

YoAfrica’s VOIP solution will enable you to be in touch with your clients and partners with our prepaid and post paid options.

YoAfrica’s prepaid VOIP service allows you to manage your voice expenses, reducing your costs to all networks.

YoAfrica VOIP solution’s web portal allows you to manage your in and outbound calls as well as providing you access to a full call history.

YoAfrica Direct-in-dial facility allows you to make use of one number for simultaneous calls. Your number will never be engaged.

Internet Security YoAfrica

We know that critical systems and data are always under constant threats. Any organisation’s IT systems and data are arguably one of the most valuable assets that it has.

YoAfrica’s business is to safeguard that valuable asset from:

  • hacking
  • fraud
  • theft – both internal and external
  • malicious code
  • spamming
  • denial of service attack
  • insider abuse
  • collusion
  • vulnerability exploitation

YoAfrica Value Proposition

YoAfrica will carry out a system-wide risk and security assessment as well as system capabilities check.

YoAfrica specialists will assist you with a sound and practical IT strategy, IT policy, design and budget.

YoAfrica skilled personnel will save you time and money on implementation.

YoAfrica will capacitate you through training during implementation of the recommended solution.

Fibre Extensions YoAfrica

Duplicate infrastructure in most built up areas causes unnecessary cable breaks when one provider has to attend to their network in a shared duct, particularly in complexes.That is now a thing of the past with a fibre meet-me-point (MMP) within the complex.

IAPs or ISPs can now ‘meet’ their clients in select complexes at the MMP to provide them service without needing to lay new infrastructure to each client. With one reliable fibre feed into each individual property within the complex, there is no longer an installation bill when changing providers.

Complex owners and residents associations should take advantage of this initiative to avoid endless digging.


YoAfrica support service offers you a complete information and communications infrastructure outsourcing with end-to-end ICT management of your platform and hardware. YoAfrica provides you on-demand support services for your ICT at the office, at school or at home.

YoAfrica support engineers will assist you on the phone, through email or organise a call out if on-site support is required. YoAfrica will assist you in understanding your newly acquired equipment, carry out the software upgrade or set you up and leave you working.

YoAfrica support service will save you precious time in dealing with all your IT issues while you focus on your daily business.

YoAfrica has flexible packages suited to you, we can also tailor make a solution package specifically to your requirements. 


In this connected world, it is understandable that everyone wants to stay online at all times. For a business that is always looking at minimising expenses, internet usage beyond what the business requires is one such expense worth cutting.

YoAfrica provides your business with a separate Wi-Fi network at your premises to give your visitors and staff members access to the internet at their own expense.

YoAfrica network engineers will help you isolate the two networks guaranteeing security for your organisation’s network and data while providing a standalone network for staff and visitors use.

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Why YoAfrica?

Reduce your costs : Optimise your IT systems to reduce your capital and operating expenses.

Increase productivity and return : Be visible, be available with efficient systems that increase your productivity.

Skilled and experienced personnel : Skilled personnel will help you design, implement and optimise your IT infrastructure.

Specialist training for internal capacity building :  Client IT personnel training allowing you to own and operate your network.

Leading edge technology and solutions: You will never trail behind in technology advancements with our leading edge technologies and solutions.

Wide range of products, services and enabling partners : A one stop shop for all your IT solutions, services and products.