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YoAfrica web hosting service brings affordable hosting to Zimbabwe, with world-class services. YoAfrica hosting provides you with free Content Management System access ( Joomla and WordPress) hosted on our servers allowing you to build your own site within minutes.

Your business online presence is handled by our team of dedicated and capable experts.

YoAfrica understands your need for a fast and reliable online presence, through our local hosting services we boast of high-speed redundant fibre links to all local and international networks.

YoAfrica website hosting from $60/yr


    YoAfrica virtual server service provides you with a fully managed private space on our cloud infrastructure. You can build your own server by choosing how much RAM and hard disk space you require as well as what software you want to run on it.

    YoAfrica allows your business to carry out network upgrades without concerns about server costs and disposal of old hardware.

    All YoAfrica servers are connected to our core network on at least gigabit speed allowing you high local and international access speeds.

    You have assurance knowing that the critical component of your business is online, on the cloud within our data centre which has backup power solutions in case of problematic power supplies.

    YoAfrica Virtual Servers from $300/yr


      YoAfrica can provide you with an email address that shows

      YoAfrica hosts your emails and gives you access to them from anywhere in the world through our user-friendly webmail access, POP3 and IMAP services.

      YoAfrica systems are equipped with up to date AntiVirus and Anti-Spam software for your security.

      You will never have to switch between inboxes with the mail forward facility. This allows you to access all your emails from various addresses all on one primary email address, to which you would have forwarded your emails.

      YoAfrica enables you to advise your contacts when you are not available to respond to their email with a convenient autoresponder.

      YoAfrica Email service ensures your business is reachable on  @yourdomain email addresses without needing to have a server at your office.

      YoAfrica saves you the hassle of managing email servers leaving you to focus on your core business.

      YoAfrica email hosting from $60/yr

        YoAfrica Spam Shield

        Yo!SpamShield Cloud protects the organisation from threats by managing the organisation’s email traffic and regulating the email that employees receive by blocking spam email, viruses, and malware.

        Yo!SpamShield Cloud requires no software installation and can be set up in a matter of minutes, making it an ideal solution for any organisation.

        Why use Yo!SpamShield Cloud?

        Yo!SpamShield Cloud has been purpose-built to enable businesses to easily protect their users and network from spam email, viruses, and malware. The cloud solution is designed to easily integrate into the existing infrastructure and deployment is very straight forward.

        Yo!SpamShield Cloud enables businesses to filter the organisation’s email traffic without any expensive or time-consuming overheads.

        Cloud based

        The cloud-based solution requires no software installation making it simple to set up and manage. There are no management or maintenance overheads as updates and support are fully included in the product.

        Recipient verification

        Yo!SpamShield Cloud offers a number of Recipient Verification types: Dynamic Recipient Verification (DRV), LDAP, list based and specify regular expression verification. Once a mail is delivered to the Yo!SpamShield Cloud, it will validate the email address against the mail server thus rejecting fake emails and spam.

        Outbound scanning

        Outbound scanning of email is vital today. it blocks spam and viruses being sent out from your organisation, thus preventing your IPs from being blacklisted as a spammer by one of the many global blacklisting services. IP blacklisting prevents email delivery, interferes with business processes and productivity is difficult and time-consuming to resolve. Yo!SpamShield Cloud prevents this.

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        Why YoAfrica Cloud Services

        YoAfrica cloud service enables your business to realise its online dream without the need for a huge hardware budget.

        YoAfrica cloud service enables you to build, operate and upgrade your server from the comfort of your office with our virtual server service.

        YoAfrica hosted emails will put you in touch with your stakeholders by allowing you access to your email from anywhere in the world.

        Our antivirus and antispam servers are designed to weed out junk content that would otherwise clog your inbox.

        YoAfrica cloud services free up your time and space allowing you to focus on your core business.