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Get the best possible service with one of our Business solutions, giving you the speed you need for work, remote connections, website hosting, video and more!

YoAfrica Business Services

YoBusiness offers a wide range of services and solutions to business customers, large, medium and small. The following table provides an idea of the range of services we can provide.


Business Broadband
Home Broadband
Dedicated local & international bandwidth
Fibre, copper, wireless and VSAT
MPLS Redundancy
Virtual Private Network
Local Area Networking
WiFi in the home, office, factory or on campus


About Cloud Computing
Secure Data Centre; redundant power, fibre
Server co-location
Business continuity
Secure off-site backup services
Website, Mail and Domain hosting
Security services


24/7 call centre
Router & Server Management
Usage Control
Firewall Management
Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, intrusion prevention
Server Installation and Management
LAN and WiFi Installation and Support
Power Backup Solutions

More specifically, the YoBusiness team can tailor a wide range of solutions for you, including a combination of the following:

- tailor-made bandwidth packages, with a range and mix of committed and peak information rates;
- fibre-based high-speed last mile and international connections;
- MPLS network connections to destinations in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Europe;
- redundancy via multiple independent links;
- service level agreements to ensure high availability services and rapid response to problems;
- virtual private networking between local, regional and international sites;
- data centre services, including hosted servers, hosted applications and cloud computing;
- voip services including integrated pabx, least-cost routing and local and international direct-in-dial numbers;
- business continuity and off-site backup services
- campus and enterprise networks over fibre, copper and wifi
- server and router management with Cisco, Microsoft and Linux certified skills in-house
- usage control, reporting and analysis
- online security including anti-virus, anti-phishing and anti-spam